My favorite species tulip

Tulipa turkestanica. Species tulips are wonderful because they bloom early (when we are desperate) and last for years. Their foliage dies back fast.


This one has lovely blue foliage enhanced by the contrast of bloom color. 


And I love the blooms, open or closed.


Monday Muse 1.29.18

Our extremely fluctuating temperatures has some plants confused. Here the Pulmonaria (Lungwort)  sprouts its white foliage a wee bit soon. So too is the greening up on the Seslaria (Autumn Moor Grass).


Mature Gardens

Have their own rhythm. Checked on one at a client's we did more than 15 years ago. Always in process.  Drainage always rules.


The house fits the client. The garden fits the house & client. 


Early Spring After No Winter

I guess I shouldn't be grumpy about Climate  Change. The fact that the weekend after Valentines Day should bring temps near 60, seems to delight the tv weather-person, just as it does when we have summer drought & they announce yet another hot day with no rain. But, I am a plant advocate, not to mention animals & some humans who aren't out to destroy the planet. And so, it was with mixed emotions that I greeted the first Snowdrops in the yard. Their reappearance for decades, many many years after my garden mentor planted them and many years since she died, gives me hope in the persistence of life in face of many challenges.

 The Light Strengthens...

The Light Strengthens...

Luckily: we have had rain over the winter. 


First Snowdrops!